User Interface

Main Panel

The Pisces Main Panel.

The easiest way to control Pisces is through its graphical user interface. Upon first starting Pisces, you are presented with its main panel. From this panel, you may select:
File Menu
These options control the saving and loading of data, and the quitting of Pisces.
Output Menu
These options control where Pisces sends data.
Algorithm Menu
Which algorithm should Pisces use to compute a level set?
Settings Menu
These options control parameters that determine how Pisces computes and displays implicitly-defined curves and surfaces.
Utilities Menu
These options are primarily self-contained scripts or short modules that interact with the rest of Pisces to compute special features of implicitly-defined object.
This menu contains a list of all of the models which are currently compiled into Pisces. A model is Pisces' name for the current function whose level set we want to determine.

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