The Animation Panel

Animation Panel

The Pisces Animation Panel.

The Animation panel allows users with interactive output devices to see a sequence of level sets in a one-parameter family of models.

How it works

The animation is created by the following algorithm:

Controlling the Animation Panel from Pisces

The Animation panel has the following fields:
Parameter to Animate
From the menu of the current model parameters, the selected parameter is the one which will be animated.
Starting Value
The value that the selected parameter takes for the first frame of the animation.
Ending Value
The value the selected parameter takes for the last frame of the animation.
Number of Steps
The number of frames of animation that will be produced. This must be a positive integer.
This menu selection determines method of computing the level set. The parameters for each algorithm may be set using the control panel specific to each algorithm.
To see the animation press the Go button. At any time after that during the animation you may stop it by pressing the Interrupt button which replaced the Go button for the duration of the animation.

Known Bugs

The menu's in the Animation Control panel do not change when the model is changed. The result is that the panel must be closed and reopened before the correct list of parameters is available. In addition, the currently selected parameter must be reselected as it is not reset when the panel is reopened.

In addition there is not check to make sure that the algorithm will work with the given model. This flaw is not specific to the Animation panel but does affect it's operation.

Bug Reports

Implemented By

Mark Phillips. Popup menus added by John Golden and Erik Streed.
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