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Pisces is a Platform for Implicit Surfaces and Curves and the Exploration of Singularities. The goal of Pisces is to provide tools for researchers and educators who want to compute the set of points that satisfy some equation. Pisces is potentially useful to mathematicians and scientists in a variety of fields, including algebraic geometry, astrophysics, computer-aided geometric design, and dynamical systems.
What is Pisces?
An introduction to Pisces and level sets.
The Mathematics of Implicitly-Defined Curves
An introduction to the geometry of implicitly-defined curves, and to numerical methods used to compute these curves.
Interactive Demos
On-line demonstrations of Pisces in action. Explore the level sets of any function currently installed in Pisces at the Geometry Center. (Requires an HTML 2.0 browser)
An introduction to using Pisces for the computation and visualization of the implicitly-defined curves.
The complete Pisces documentation, including a description of all installed algorithms. The documentation is also available as printer-ready postscript.
Obtaining Pisces
System requirements and links to download the complete Pisces source code.
About the Pisces Logo
It's not just art, it's math!
Pisces Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Short answers and hints to those questions which arise most often.
Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Bugs?
Send your feedback to the Pisces development team.

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