The Pisces Development Team

Pisces was developed at the Geometry Center, at the University of Minnesota. The Geometry Center is funded through the National Science Foundation.

Below each name is a brief (and noninclusive!) list of some of the portions of Pisces that that person worked on.

Frederick J. Wicklin (Project Leader).
Continuation Algorithms (Geisow, Predictor-Corrector, Simple), Derived Models, Numerical Linear Algebra, Printing, Singularities, WebPisces.
Mark Phillips (Software Engineer).
Animation, Derived Models, Graphics, Meta-Model, User Interface.
Davide Cervone.
Piecewise Linear Algorithms (Adaptive Grid, Box).
Daniel Krech.
Piecewise Linear Algorithms (Adaptive Grid, Box, Recursive Surface).
Chia-Hsing "Josh" Nien.
Derived Models.
Nicolas Vera.
Derived Models, Numerical Linear Algebra, Predictor-Corrector Algorithm, Singularities, User Interface.
Some undergraduate students from the Geometry Center's 1995 Summer Institute were involved in the Pisces Project. They worked under the supervision of Wicklin and Phillips on Animation, Graphics, Predictor-Corrector Algorithm, Printing, Singularities, and WebPisces.

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