What is Pisces?
An introduction to Pisces and level sets.
How to Begin and End a Pisces Session?
Getting started with Pisces.
Pisces Tutorials
An introduction to using Pisces for the computation and visualization of level sets of functions
User Interface
A guide to the Pisces graphics interface, explaining the meaning of each button, menu, and text field encountered in Pisces.
What algorithms are available in Pisces? When should each be used? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Pisces computes level sets of multivariate functions. These functions are called "models." We provide complete documentation on each model.
Advanced Features
For the serious user, we provide documentation on how to install a new models, new "derived models," and new algorithms.
Note: Due to differences in window managers, the images of Pisces panels shown in the documentation may look different than the images you actually see on your screen. Their functionality, however, should be the same.

Postscript Documentation

For the serious user who has installed Pisces, we provide a postscript version of the on-line documentation.

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