View Window

View Window

The Pisces View Window.

The View Window displays a two-dimensional projection of data produced by Pisces. The data is projected orthogonally onto the axes determined by the current value of the Hor and Ver menus.

Only data whose projection lies within the current viewport is displayed. The viewport is the square [hmin, hmax] x [vmin, vmax] where hmin, hmax are the values of the text entry fields adjacent to the labels Hor and Ver.

Users may have an arbitrary number of view windows open at one time. If the cursor is in a view window, then the current coordinates of the cursor is tracked by Pisces and is displayed on that view window.

There are several options from a view window:

File Menu
Print whatever is currently on the view window, or dismiss (close) the window. We remark that the "Print" option under this menu creates a postscript version of the current contents of the view window without any frills. For configurable output (with the option to indicate axes labels, titles, and the current parameters of the current model), use the option Output->Postscript File available from the main panel.
Action Menu
Most of the interaction with Pisces occurs through this menu:
Options Menu
Set display options such as the width of lines in the view window.
Help Panel
Not Yet Implemented. This panel gives on-line help about the view window.

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