Preprints and publications by Patrick A. Worfolk

(Selected papers are available as postscript files.)

Preprints and technical reports

* Some results on master-slave synchronization
With M. Martens, E. Pecou, and C. Tresser. In preparation, 1997.
* Stably non-synchronizable maps of the plane
With P. Le Calvez, M. Martens, and C. Tresser. Preprint, 1997.
* The geometry of halo orbits in the circular restricted three-body problem
With R. Thurman. Geometry Center Research Report GCG95, University of Minnesota, 1996.
* A mathematical model for an exhaust oxygen sensor
With T. Leise, et al. Mathematical Modeling for Instructors, IMA preprint series #1422, University of Minnesota, 1996.
* Error analysis of a pendulous integrating gyro accelerometer
With D. Bainbridge, et al. Mathematical Modeling for Instructors, IMA preprint series #1422, University of Minnesota, 1996.
* Modeling, analysis and simulation of chatter in milling processes
With S. Srinivasan and M. Myers. 1996.


* Master-slave synchronization and the Lorenz equations
With N. Balmforth, C. Tresser, and C. W. Wu. CHAOS, 7(3):392-394, 1997.
* Resynchronizing dynamical systems
With C. Tresser. Physics Letters A, 229(5):293-298, 1997.
* Chaotic signal masking with arbitrarily fine recovery
With C. Tresser. Applied Math Letters, to appear, 1997.
* Topological conjugacy of linear endomorphisms of the 2-torus
With R. Adler and C. Tresser. Transactions of the Amer. Math. Soc., 349(4):1633-1652, 1997.
* An equivariant, inclination-flip, heteroclinic bifurcation
Nonlinearity, 9:631-647, 1996.
* Master-slave synchronization from the point of view of global dynamics
With C. Tresser and H. Bass. CHAOS 5(4):693-699, 1995.
* An integrable normal form for water waves in infinite depth
With W. Craig. Physica D, 84:513-531, 1995.
* Zeros of equivariant vector fields: Algorithms for an invariant approach
J. Symbolic Computation 17, 487-511, 1994. Appendix.
* Dynamical systems: Some computational problems
With J. Guckenheimer. In Bifurcations and Periodic Orbits of Vector Fields, NATO ASI Series C, Volume 408, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993.
* Instant chaos
With J. Guckenheimer. Nonlinearity, 5:1211-1222, 1992.
* DsTool: Computer assisted exploration of dynamical systems
With A. Back, J. Guckenheimer, M. Myers, and F. Wicklin. Notices of the Amer. Math. Soc., 39(4):303-309, 1992.
* Dispersion of reactive species in laminar channel flows: Electrochemical effects
With A. Nadim and M. Pagitsas. PhysicoChem. Hydrodyn., 11:167-186, 1989.

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