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Geometry Center Projects

The Geometry Center specializes in the use of technology to visualize and communicate mathematics and related sciences. The Center staff has extensive experience with Web site development, CGI and Java technology, software development, and video animation production.

The staff have undertaken dozens of projects since the inception of the Center in 1991 covering areas ranging from elementary school education to spacecraft design. The Geometry Center pursues both research and development projects, as well as and providing consulting services to academics and industry. The Centers main expertise lies in two broad areas:

Visualization and Scientific Computing

Geomview is at the heart of most Geometry Center visualization projects. Geomview is an interactive 3D graphics viewer. Geomview has powerful extensibility features that allow it to be readily adapted to a wide variety of uses, including visualization, animation, award-winning video production, and scientific simulation.

Web Development and Electronic Communication

The Geometry Center Web site was one of the first three hundred servers on the Web. Since its inception in October 1993, the Center Web site has won over twenty awards for content and technology. The Center has played a leading role in the development of the MathML standard for encoding mathematics for the Web. The Center developed the WebEQ suite of Java tools for processing MathML and preparing interactive, mathematical Web pages.

Active projects:

See also our list of past software projects, and our library of downoadable software.

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