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JGV: 3D Viewing in Java

JGV is a Java program that lets you embed movable 3D objects in Web pages. Users can rotate, scale, and translate the objects interactively with the mouse.

JGV differs from VRML viewers in that it is written entirely in Java, which means that it will run in any Java-capable browser. In particular, it works with both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Users who have current versions of either of these browsers do not need to download or install any additional software; the 3D object simply appears in place when they view any Web page which uses JGV.

If you are viewing this page with a Java-capable browser, you can move the object in the JGV panel by putting the mouse cursor over the object and dragging while holding down the left mouse button. Use the gray menu at the top to switch between rotating, translating, and scaling.

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