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The Geometry Center closed at the end of August, 1998. The only part of the Center remaining is the web site www.geom.umn.edu that you are visiting right now.

As a result, we are only able to answer questions directly related to the web site itself.

In particular, we are NOT able to answer questions about mathematics; you may want to try Dr. Math at the Math Forum.

Mail to the Webmasters is added automatically to a question-tracking system. You should receive copies of any mail that you send to Webmaster automatically. This mail will include a number in the subject (e.g., [ REQ 8057]) that identifies your question or comment. If you need to respond to us concerning a specific piece of mail that you sent, please be sure that the request number is listed in the subject line of your mail.

Send your question to webmaster@www.geom.uiuc.edu

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