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Electronic Communication at the Geometry Center

The Geometry Center has been a pioneer in the area of electronic technical communications. The Center's web site, is one of the oldest and most innovative on the web, and continues to earn international recognition.

One of the most exciting projects currently underway is an effort in conjunction with the World Wide Web Consortium to develop standards for including mathematical notation in web pages. The WebEQ project is designed in part to serve as a reference implementation of the Consortium's final HTML Math proposal.

Other electronic communication projects at the Geometry Center span the spectrum from Java visualization software, to Real Audio, to search and indexing software, to interactive technical document design.

The Geometry Center contracts with private industry as well as government labs to do electronic document design, production and consulting. If you are interested in discussing your electronic document needs with us, please contact us either by email to software@geom.umn.edu or by calling us at 1-612-626-0888.

Software Projects

WebEQ -- WebEQ software makes it possible for authors to put mathematical notation in their web pages by putting LaTeX commands directly in an HTML file. Look at the preview of version 2.0.

IDVI -- The idvi Java dvi previewer displays any dvi file directly in the browser. It is fully hypertex compliant, so authors can embed links, as well as images and other applets.

A Selection of Electronic Documents

A Tight Polyhedral Immersion of the Real Projective Plane with one Handle.
by Davide Cervone
Deformation of Complex Hyperbolic Schottky Groups
by Robert Miner and Beat Aebischer, submitted to NY J. Math.
Geometry Facts and Formulas
by Silvio Levy, from the 30th edition of CRC Standard Math Tables and Formulas
A comparison of techniques for presenting mathematical concepts on the web
by Robert Miner and Carol Scheftic

Electronic Course Materials


The Conference on Electronic Communication in Mathematics was held May 29 - June 1, 1997 at the Geometry Center. Conference Proceedings are available online.

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