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The web pages at the Geometry Center are broken down into several categories. You may find the following list helpful in locating the information that you are looking for. It parallels the titles available on the Geometry Center Welcome Page, but explains each in more detail, and gives a better overview of the documents in each category.
About the Geometry Center
These pages include Information about the people, resources, and mission of the Geometry Center. This is where to look for people's home pages, lists of telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, directions to the Center, and so on.

Geometry Center Web Resources
These are resources that the Geometry Center makes available to the world-wide web community. They include the following categories:

Current Projects
These pages describe the main research areas at the Center and some of the most active projects currently underway. These include work on both scientific visualization and communication, and involve Geomview, the Center's 3D graphics platform, and WebEQ, the Center's MathML software for creating interactive, scientific Web pages.

Interactive Web Applications
These are programs that you can run over the Web using the fill-out forms capabilities of your browser. They allow you to investigate some interesting areas of current mathematics by providing you with the means to manipulate the mathematical objects directly. Most include descriptions of the underlying theory, as well as interactive graphics. These include QuasiTiler, Cyberview, Kali, and Orbifold Pinball.

Interactive Java Applications
These are Java applets developed at the Geometry Center. Unlike the web applications these run locally on your own computer, which makes them more interactive. But you need to have a java-compatible browser (like Netscape 2.0). These applets allow you to investigate some areas of current mathematical research. Among the applets listed here are WebEQ, SaVi, and several simulations.

Multimedia Documents
These are hypertext documents on a variety of topics in mathematics. They include research papers as well as papers of a more expository nature. In particular, the geometry forum includes articles accessible to the non-mathematician, as does the expository papers section. The Geometry Center preprint series is available here.

Geometry Reference Archives
These pages contain several hypertex-based reference works developed at the Geometry Center, and provided as a service to the Web community. We hope this will be a growing selection of resources. It currently includes a collection of geometry formulas and facts, and a graphics archive of images created at the Center. It will soon include a topological zoo of mathematical objects that include pictures, movies, formulas, and interactive pictures.

Downloadable Software
These pages list all the software available from the Geometry Center, including Geomview, mpeg_play, Kali, and KaleidoTile. The software can be downloaded directly from these pages; some products have on-line documentation, tutorials and manuals available over the web. The computational geometry software archive is available here.

Video Productions
These pages describe the various videos generated at the Geometry Center, including an excellent exposition of the recent Outside In video. There mpeg and quicktime clips for some videos. Ordering information is provided.

Course Materials
These pages house materials available from the Center for educational use. They include classroom exercises and laboratory materials, as well as the CHANCE database materials for a course in probability and statistics. Work of students from classes held at the Center also can be found here.

MnSCU/UM Distance Learning Initiative
In a collaboration with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the Center hosts a collection of resources for first year teachers in their residency year. Resources include official information about the Residency program, as well as a forum for contacting other teachers involved in the program either as participants or mentors.

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What's New on the Geometry Center Web

These pages let you find out about what's on the Geometry Center Web. They include a search engine and a list of changes to the web in reverse chronological order.

A listing of some of the most prestigous awards the Center has won.

Geometry Center Events
These pages list the ongoing activities of the Center, including its workshops, seminars, and courses. Special events, such as the Math Awareness Week activities also are listed here.

Geometry Center Help Pages
These pages are designed for people who are at the Geometry Center, either for a short visit, or for a longer stay. These pages include information about the Center facilities, software and hardware available at the Center, how to do common tasks at the Center, and information about Minneapolis, where the Geometry Center is located. This is where new visitors to the Center should go to find the answers to their most basic questions.

Access to Other Web Sites
These pages are lists of links to other parts of the world wide web. They include pointers to places of interest to mathematicians and computer scientists around the world. They are designed as a means for people at the Center to find places of interest to them on the web, not as a general resource for the web at large, or as a comprehensive collection of mathematical links. They include links to search engines for the web, as well as list of selected links.

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