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MnSCU and University of Minnesota
Distance Learning Initiative

About This Project

Teaching Residency Year Resources and Support

Residency Program Information

Information about the residency program, BOT licensure process and INTASC standards

Support for Resident Teachers

News forum, mailing list, email directory, New Professional Teacher Project

Teacher Preparation Institutions

Links to institutions which have programs for initial licensure.

Curriculum and Instruction Resources

Interactive Web activities, lesson and unit materials, curriculum standards, assessment standards and materials.

General Web Resources

Links to professional teacher organizations and general education resources.


Search the Web for resources.

Distance Education Proposals Currently Funded

The University of Minnesota/MNSCU Distance Education Teacher Education Committee has completed an RFP for faculty associated with the two systems to fund the development of computer training Internet-based modules. Projects have been funded and abstracts are attached.

A second workshop for project collaborators will be held on January 19 and 20, 1998.

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