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MnSCU and University of Minnesota Distance Learning Initiative

Project Description

The Minnesota State Legislature appropriated funds jointly to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the University of Minnesota to establish a joint project for distance learning development to support a set of implementation functions.

A joint steering committee of the two systems developed an outline for these projects and determined that four areas would be funded, Information Technology, Mathematics, Nursing and Teacher Education. Each area received the same project charge. The Teacher Education area was additionally steered toward the development of complementary courseware for delivery to induction year (fifth year in-service) students at their teaching sights in Minnesota and possibly out of state. It is expected that this induction year will be required for licensure by the State Board of Teaching with the next year.

The Teacher Education Distance Education area project was developed by a joint committee of the two systems and is using this web site to disseminate information on its project.

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