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MnSCU and University of Minnesota Distance Learning Initiative

Teacher Education Committee Directory

To send e-mail to the entire committee, use disted@geom.umn.edu

Representing MNSCU

Carol Anderson, Co-chair
Winona State University
Phone: 507-457-5570
Fax: 507-457-5476
e-mail: canderson@vax2.winona.msus.edu

Don Descy
Mankato State University
Phone: 507-389-1965
Fax: 507-389-5751
e-mail: descy@vax1.mankato.msus.edu

Kathryn Morgan
Bemidji State University
Phone: 218-755-3774
Fax: 218-755-3788
e-mail: kam@bsued.bemidji.msus.edu

Alice Thomas
St. Cloud State University
Phone: 320-255-3023
Fax: 320-255-4237
e-mail: athomas@tigger.stcloud.msus.edu

Representing the University of Minnesota

Richard Beach, Co-chair
University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-625-3893
e-mail: rbeach@maroon.tc.umn.edu

Richard McGehee
Geometry Center
University of Nfinnesota
Phone: 612-626-0888
e-mail: mcgehee@geom.umn.edu

David McCarthy
University of Minnesota at Duluth
Phone: 218-726-6236
e-mail: dmccarth@d.umn.edu

Richard Weatherman
Education Policy & Administration
University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-626-8394
e-mail: weath001@maroon.tc.umn.edu

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