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Geometry Reference Archives:

The following are reference materials developed at the Geometry Center that are designed to be resources for the Web community. In particular, the pages presented here may be linked from on-line research papers or interactive laboratory explorations that need mathematical definitions, explanations or graphics. These databases may also serve as a source of graphics for classroom use, or for traditional journal publications.

In order for us to continue to obtain funding to provide these services, it is important that you register your use of these materials. It is also important that you follow the citation instructions that explain how to acknowledge the use of our materials in your own works.

Graphics Archive
A collection of images generated by visitors and students at the Geometry Center. These stem from current research in mathematics, from summer student projects, and from the many video tapes produced at the Center.

Geometry Formulas and Facts
An excerpt from the 30th edition of CRC Standard Math Tables and Formulas. The sections presented here cover geometry in two and three dimensions.

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