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The Shape of Space

Curriculum Materials

During the 1995 Summer Institute at The Geometry Center, a team of undergraduates, middle and high school mathematics teachers and Center staff developed curriculum materials supporting The Shape of Space video. The team developed a comprehensive curriculum, covering many areas related to the video. The following materials were selected for distribution based on their direct relevence to understanding the video itself.

For your convenience, a printable PostScript (.5 Mb compressed / 24 Mb uncompressed) version of all of these materials is available.

Selected Materials

Other materials available on the Web

Torus and Klein Bottle Games
Play some of your favorite traditional games on the surface of a torus or a Klein bottle. Jeff Weeks created interactive Java games (Tic-Tac-Toe, Chess, Jigsaw puzzles, Mazes, Word Searchs and Crossword puzzles) for learning about these surfaces.

Topology Materials
Chaim Goodman Strauss' topology handouts.

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