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Insider's View of 3D Klein Bottle by Celeste Fowler and Charlie Gunn

Using Maniview, an external module of Geomview, the user can fly around in the insider's view of the 3D Klein bottle. Note that spaceships in alternating columns are mirror reversed. This is a frame from the video "The Shape of Space". For more information, see Gunn's paper: ``Discrete Groups and Visualization of Three-Dimensional Manifolds,'' in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 93 (Anaheim, CA, August 1--6, 1993), pp. 255--262. In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series (ACM SIGGRAPH, New York, 1993).

How to make it: Maniview, an external module of Geomview, written by Charlie Gunn.

Image created: March 1993

[Insider's View of 3D Klein Bottle]

Copyright © March 1993 by The Geometry Center, Univerity of Minnesota. All rights reserved.
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