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Notice: The NSF is planning to shut down the Geometry Center, which will cause the removal of this web site and FTP archive. If you find these pages useful, please find out more.

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You are welcome to use any of the materials you find on the Geometry Center's web pages for your own personal, private use. If you want to use them in any public way (e.g., on your own web page, in an article or software you are writing yourself, etc.), then you must first ask our permission. In most cases, such permission is routinely granted, although there are a few stipulations (i.e., about giving the Center appropriate credit) and limitations (e.g., if the item really belongs to another organization that gave us permission to use it, we'll put you in contact with their permission department). A more detailed set of guidelines is available.

If you are ready to ask for permission to use specific materials, please use the mail form below to send us your request. Be sure to include a title in the Subject field (so we know what you are asking permission to use), and a valid e-mail address in the From (email) field (so that we can reply to you).

Mail to "permission" is automatically added to a request-tracking system. You should receive copies of any mail that you send to the permission address. This mail will include a number in the subject (e.g., [ REQ 15057]) that identifies your request. If you need to write to us again concerning a specific piece of mail that you sent, please be sure to include the entire request number, including the brackets and REQ characters, in the subject line of your mail.

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