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Requesting Permission to Use Geometry Center Materials

All of the materials on our Web-site are copyrighted!
In most cases, the copyrights are held by the Regents of the University of Minnesota on behalf of The Geometry Center. In a few cases, another person or organization has given us permission to display their materials; we can put you in touch with the copyright holder of those items.

Having said that, we want you to know that:

When to register or request permission to use Geometry Center materials

Remember, we really are delighted to have others use materials from our WWW site, and we want to make the process as simple as possible! But our funding agencies require us to report where this occurs so, while we do not charge a monetary fee for use of our materials, we do require that you let us know how you are using our materials.

In some cases, a formal permission request is required. At other times, simple registration is adequate. Registration and formal permission requests will normally contain most of the same information: the only difference is whether you need to contact us for advance permission. Some people have asked us to clarify the distinction, however, so we'll cover that in the next few sections:

You should register your use of our materials when you use them for:

You must ask permission in advance for:

What about educational or other non-commercial "fair use"?

As stated earlier, we are delighted to be able to give others permission to use our work. But our materials are copyrighted, and we just want you to ask first.

Many people mis-understand the concept of fair use, and we cannot give an entire lesson on that topic here. Instead, we will give a few examples of areas where questions might arise and how we would respond in each case. Be aware that these examples are not always perfectly aligned with the official definition of fair use so the best general guideline for our site or any other is, "Ask for permission!"

To send a permission request to the Geometry Center via hard-copy...

Please address your correspondence to:

Permission Department
The Geometry Center
400 Lind Hall
207 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

612-626-0888 (voice)
612-626-7131 (fax)

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