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Special Topics:Topology

Topology is the study of properties of objects that remain unchanged when the object is stretched or bent, but not torn. For example, the number of holes in a surface is a topological invarient, as are the number of different kinds of paths around the holes. Some classical objects that are of topological interest are the Klein bottle, and the Moebius band. Current research in topology includes the study of the topology of high-dimensional objects, and of objects in non-Euclidean spaces.


1. [Antoine's Necklace] 2. [Cube with 1st Pair Glued] 3. [Cube with 2nd Pair Glued] 4. [Cube with 3 Pair Colored Axes]

  1. Antoine's Necklace
  2. Cube with 1st Pair Glued
  3. Cube with 2nd Pair Glued
  4. Cube with 3 Pair Colored Axes
1. [Cube with 3rd Pair Glued] 2. [Flat Moebius Strip] 3. [Hoops in R3] 4. [Insider's View of 3D Klein Bottle]
  1. Cube with 3rd Pair Glued
  2. Flat Moebius Strip
  3. Hoops in R3
  4. Insider's View of 3D Klein Bottle
1. [Lattice of conics] 2. [Linked Triangles] 3. [Square Stretched Over Sphere]
  1. Lattice of conics
  2. Linked Triangles
  3. Square Stretched Over Sphere

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