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HyperTeX is a proposed protocol for implementing links in dvi files. Viewing HyperTeX files requires some sort of helper application.

Places to get information about HyperTeX:

HyperTex Viewers

A few examples for comparing these browsers are available.

HyperTeX Macro Packages

The idea of HyperTeX is to embed links in dvi files as using the \special facility in TeX. The actual mechanics of this are typically handled by macro packages. Two common plain TeX macro packages are:

HyperTeX Examples

The following examples illustrate the use of the macro packages described above. They are plain TeX files.

When using the lanlmac.tex package, you are asked "big or little"? If you specify "little" it attempts to shrink the output, which fouls up our version of xhdvi. Hence, I recommend against it.

The hharvsamp.dvi file itself provides some documentation about using the lanlmac.tex macro package.

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