xhdvi: The Unix HyperTeX viewer

Hyperxdvi or xhdvi as it is typically installed is a modified version of the popular Unix dvi previewer xdvi.

It is basically designed as a proof of concept product and has a number of limitations. Two of the most serious:

Obtaining xhdvi

To compile a local copy source code. However, unless you are a seasoned Unix hacker and intimately familiar with your local TeX installation, you probably don't want to go this route.

You can also get precompiled binaries from the CTAN archive.

Setting Up

To use xhdvi, you must specify where your fonts live. To do this, set an environment variable with the command such as:

setenv XDVIFONTS /u/tex/fonts/pk/%F/%f.%d%p

The program substitutes in names and magnifications for the symbols. The details of this are the same as for xdvi and are describe in the man page.

You must also specify the web browser xhdvi should use. You may do this via an environment variable:

setenv WWWBROWSER mosaic

Alternatively, this can be accomplished on the command line:

xhdvi -browser netscape dvi_file

You will want to modify your .mailcap file to contain an entry like

application/x-dvi; xhdvi -browser netscape %s

in order to have xhdvi launch automatically from your browser.

Further Resources

Many Hyperxdvi links on the web will point you to


This site is no longer online. However, you may contact Arthur Smith, the author of xhdvi directly at apsmith@aps.org.

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