A Basic HyperTeX Example

\input lanlmac.tex

\centerline{\bf A Basic Hyper\TeX\ Example}

This is a very basic Hyper\TeX\ document.  Although DVI files are
inherently linear in organization, basic linking can greatly expand
their functionality, expecially when used in conjuction with a web

It goes without saying, the math turns out nicely laid out:

\sum_{i=0}^\infty {1 \over n^d} = \prod_{{\rm primes~} p} \left (1 + {1
\over p^d}\right)

\smallskip\noindent Illustrated below are a variety of link types:

\item{$\bullet$} \hyperref\myanchor{Links within DVI files}
{Plain HTML files}
{Java pages} 


This is a second page.  It exists only to provide a location for a
\hyperdef\myanchor{useranchor}{1}{\bf sample anchor}.


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