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Projective Conics:

These pages were developed by Mathew Frank, a student in the 1995 Summer Institute held at the Geometry Center. Mathew was interested in conics and projective geometry, and he developed some programs to illustrate a classical result called Pascal's theorem.

As part of his project, Mathew wrote the following pages describing the theorem and some related material, as well as the interactive application available from the button below:

Conics and Hexagons

Note: There are no subscripts or superscripts in these pages. Instead, superscripts are denoted by "^", so "x squared" is written "x^2". Similarly, subscripts are indicated by "_", so "x sub 1" is written "x_1". The notation AB will refer to the line connecting points A and B, and AB.CD will refer to the point of intersection of lines AB and CD.

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