IFS Fractals

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IFS Fractals

Iterated Function System fractals are generated from a set of affine transformations of the form

These transformations have associated probabilities which sum to one. To produce a fractal image, a point is transformed randomly based on the probablility. The transformed point is fed back in to be transformed again. Repeating thousands of times give a fractal IFS picture.

These fractals are mutated by randomly adding small amounts to the elements of the transformations. A reasonable method for crossbreeding IFS fractals has yet to be found.

The current implementation of the IFS fractal module keeps the number of tranformations constant, so a genetic crossfade can be performed by linearly interpolating the elements of the transformations over time. An example is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Example of a genetic crossfade between IFS fractals

Tim Rowley
Wed Sep 14 09:25:53 CDT 1994