[Carol Scheftic]
I did not use this as my moving van...

But I did move 2,025 miles (according to the moving company) to accept a position with the Geometry Center.

After that, of course, life got busy: moving in, meeting people, finding new and interesting things to do. So I have not taken much time to consider what-all I might include here. Rather than ignore the issue completely, however, here's a quick start at it.

I have done work in radio theatre, as producer, director, technical director, post-production, and "sound man" and am always on the lookout for plays to produce and places to air them. My alternative career fantasy is to make my living as a producer of audio theatre. I've gotten as far as being able to create shows without its costing me any of my own money, but I've yet to figure out how to actually earn a living wage at it. So if you can offer me pointers to activities and resources for such an adventure, in the Twin Cities or elsewhere, I'd really appreciate it.

When I'm not ensconced in small, dark, soundproof rooms, however, I like to travel. I agree with Douglas Adams, in Mostly Harmless, when he says that:

"We all like to congregate ... at boundary conditions....
Where land meets water. Where earth meets air.
Where body meets mind. Where space meets time.
We like to be on one side and look at the other."

I like to include such ``boundary conditions'' in my travels whenever possible. A couple of my favourites so far have been mountains: the Kymin, in Wales, and Emeishan, in Chengdu Province, China. Though very different in size, each of those has a sort of ``temple'' at its summit. A couple other favourites are places I've sailed: Lake Chautauqua, NY, and the Caribbean. Again, although quite different in size, it's been fun to apply the same basic set of skills in both settings.

Here are photos illustrating a few of my interests and travels, in no particular order:

But that's not a complete list, so if you'd like to know if I'm also interested in topic XXX, just ask.

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