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How to Use the Scanner

These are instructions to use the Hewlett Packard scanner hooked up to the Macintosh:
  1. Put the picture on the scanner, with an edge flush to the side of the glass.

  2. Under the Graphics Apps menu, open Desk Scan II 2.1.

  3. Hit Preview. You will see your image in the scanning window.

  4. Assuming Automatic Find is on, the program will select the area in which it finds your image. This is surrounded by a flashing box. If Automatic Find is not on, turn on all Automatic settings in Preferences under the Edit menu.

  5. You have the option of moving the flashing box using the mouse.

  6. Change the Type as appropriate. Since you are planning to have the image viewed on a computer screen, make sure the Path is Screen.

  7. You can adjust the Scaling. This sets the size that the image will show up on the screen. Images which are smaller on the screen take up less electronic space. This is important, since less electronic space means shorter image loading time for readers of your Web page. Therefore, you should try to get a nice image while minimizing the number of Kilobytes of electronic space, shown in the Size panel.

  8. When you are finished making adjustments, hit Final. Choose the File Type: PICT. Name it, put it on the Desktop. You are done scanning.

There are many other adjustments you can make before you hit Final. For further information read the manual which is always right by the scanner.

Now you are ready to convert your image to GIF image format.

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