Making a Sketchpad image into a GIF image

If you create an image on the Macintosh, e.g. by saving a Sketchpad file as a picture (in PICT format on the Mac or in WMF format in Windows), you will get a picture that can be read natively by the machine on which you saved it. In order to use this file on a Web page, you will have to put it into a universal format such as GIF or JPEG. Once you have a graphical image of your sketchpad, here is how to put it in GIF format

On the Macintosh
You will use the "GIF Converter" program to convert your picture

  1. Start the program GIF Converter.

  2. Under the File menu, select Open, and choose your file to open.

  3. There are many ways to manipulate your file within GIF Converter, such as cropping. They should be fairly self-explanatory.

  4. When you have an image you like, under the File menu, select Save As.

  5. Change the File Type button to GIF. Edit the name to be of the form filename.gif, and save.

  6. You now have a GIF file, the proper format for the Web. Save it in the same place you keep the rest of your Web pages.

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Author: Evelyn Sander, edited by Heidi Burgiel and John McDonald
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Created: Jun 09 1996 --- Last modified: Jun 11 1996