You can call me Mouse or Mousey; I answer to anything that starts with an M. My real parents are Ken and Lori, but they can't have cats where they live right now, so for now I live with The Mom and The Dad along with my friend Fritti (3.2 Mb qt). Fritti used to be really scared of humans -- wouldn't even let them touch her. In the past year, I have taught her how wonderful relationships with humans can be. Now she lets people pet her a little bit.

I think I am the only cat with a movie ((1.7 Mb qt) or (1.8 Mb mpeg)) of myself on her home page.

Other nonhumans I've heard about

Growing up, Lori's family had two cats, Pitter-Pat and her perfectly black son Pepper. Lori's parents have a dog named Casper. Oliver used to live with us, but he moved away.

My hotlist:

* Cat Fanciers' Home Page
* Ode to Spot (A poem by Commander Data for his cat Spot)

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