Scene 1.2. The variations in the planets

One of the great aims of space exploration is to understand how our solar system formed and evolved.

For example, why did the planets divide into terrestrial planets and gas giants?

Did the sun and the planets evolve from a common, relatively homogeneous gas cloud?

The answers are sought by comparing the solar composition to the composition of other bodies in the solar system, particularly the CI chondrite meteorites and the comets, which may provide a source of undifferentiated material of the type present in the early solar system.

However present data are not precise enough to draw good conclusions.

In general, differences between the elemental and isotopic composition of parts of the solar system and the average composition of the nebula from which the solar system formed represent critical clues to how the solar system formed.

Fly-through of our solar system using the Orrery and Geomview.

Time: 00:55

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