The Genesis Mission


by Donald Rapp

video and web-storyboard by Lori Thomson of The Geometry Center

Part 1. Purpose of mission

Scene 1.1. The origin of our solar system

Scene 1.2. The variations in the planets

Scene 1.3. The solar wind

Part 2. Overview of mission

Scene 2.1. Send spacecraft into halo orbit

Scene 2.2. Collecting solar wind samples

Part 3. The instruments

Scene 3.1. The solar wind collector arrays

Scene 3.2. The solar wind concentrator

Scene 3.3. The solar wind canister

Scene 3.4. The ion and electron monitors

Part 4. The Mission In Detail

Scene 4.1. Ready for launch

Scene 4.2. Going to L1

Scene 4.3. Open SRC

Scene 4.4. Open canister

Scene 4.5. Deploy arrays, expose concentrator

Scene 4.6. Deploy selective arrays

Scene 4.7. Orbit for two years

Scene 4.8. Retract arrays

Scene 4.9. Close canister

Scene 4.10. Head home

Scene 4.11. Disengage spacecraft

Scene 4.12. Pop lid

Scene 4.13. Parachute

Scene 4.14. Down to earth

Scene 4.15. Closing

Scene 4.16. Credits

Total Time: 09:18