Susan Addington's Test Page

A poster about symmetry, in PDF format (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Short version of teacher's notes for symmetry poster. (Note: due to too many file conversions, some of the text and illustrations are not quite right.)

Another poster, this one on making cutout strings of paper dolls.

Designs for a California Math Show logo t-shirt. Vote for your favorite.

Short discussion on slopes of lines and projective geometry, with a Geometer's Sketchpad sketch.

Two 3d viewer java applets. The first, a wireframe viewer, is from Sun. The second was written by Daeron Meyer

Here is my FIRST java applet! It's a mod 12 calculator.

A Geometer's Sketchpad sketch consisting of a letter F which moves and changes size, but is otherwise rigid.

Last modified May 23, 1996.

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