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Linked Worlds

Here's a pair of linked worlds. They started as a demo of WebOOGL, and are now also available in VRML format. You can try out these worlds yourself if you've set up an appropriate viewer.

VRML Still Life With Pear and Dodecahedron
WebOOGL Still Life With Pear and Dodecahedron

We see this scene in the Geomview camera window. Since Geomview is a 3D viewer, we can of course fly around and spin things. If we click with the right mouse button on the pear, we warp to "Fruitful Information" HTML page in our Web browser window. The URL embedded in the dodecahedron is the OOGL tutorial. (When we click on something, the background of the camera window flashes to show that we're looking for and downloading URLs.)

VRML No Exit
WebOOGL No Exit

Clicking on the table warps us to a different WebOOGL world, with two tetrahedra and an exit sign. Clicking on the exit sign returns us to our original still life world. Click on the tetrahedra to discover the contents of their embedded URLs...

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