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How to Install WebOOGL 2.0 Beta

This is a beta release!

The WebOOGL system consists of Geomview and a family of Geomview external modules. The modules translate VRML or WebOOGL format 3D data files into the format understood by Geomview (OOGL) and coordinate communication between Geomview and Mosaic. Here are the ingredients:

1. WebOOGL Scripts

Download the latest WebOOGL family of programs. The following files are in the package:

You will need to edit the Makefile to set some pathnames, then type "make" to configure and install the programs. Also, the netscape or xmosaic command needs to be in your path. After installing the scripts, edit your .mailcap (or the system-wide mailcap) file to include the lines:

    object/x-oogl; to-weboogl.perl %s oogl -URL %u
    x-world/x-vrml;  to-weboogl.perl %s vrml -URL %u
(If you want to provide 3D files from your server, you should add these lines to your server's mime.types file:
   x-world/x-vrml	wrl
   object/x-oogl	oogl off list tlist grp quad mesh inst bez vect

The package is released under the GNU General Public License. The vrml2oogl program was written by Daeron Meyer; weboogl.perl was written by Tamara Munzner, Paul Burchard, and Stuart Levy; to-weboogl.perl, gvgeturl.perl, and woogl2oogl were written by Tamara Munzner.

2. perl

Perl is pre-installed on SGIs running Irix 5.x in /usr/sbin/perl. If it is not installed on your system download it from the perl archive. If you do not install perl in /usr/local/bin, then you will need to edit the first line of the three perl scripts listed above. Note that you need version 4.036, there is a bug in perl5 which causes problems with the libwww-perl code!

3. libwww-perl

The perl scripts depend on the useful libwww-perl libraries by Roy Fielding. If you do not already have this library then download libwww-perl.

4. Geomview

WebOOGL 2.0 requires version 1.5.1 or later of Geomview for reliable operation. Note that the latest "official" release of Geomview is 1.5. The Geomview distribution is quite large, since it includes many external modules, data files, and documents. Instead of distributing a full 1.5.1 release, we are simply including updated binaries with the WebOOGL package that can be dropped into place in the "old" Geomview 1.5 tree. If you do not want to download the entire Geomview package, the binaries provided in the WebOOGL package provide a minimal skeleton version of the viewer.

You can download the complete Geomview package from the main Geomview distribution page.

5. 2D Web browser (Netscape, X Mosaic)

The best 2D browser is Netscape version 1.1S or higher, which allows the system to deal with relative URLs. You can also use X Mosaic version 2.2 or higher. Currently these are the only two 2D browsers which can be remotely controlled by external application programs.


If you have OOGL or WebOOGL files which you would like to convert to VRML, you can download the oogl2vrml converter. This converter depends on the OOGL libraries, which are distributed with the source version of Geomview.


If you encounter difficulty, you may want to check the Troubleshooting page.

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