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Interactive visualizations

This page includes mostly downloadable demos. Check Jeff Erickson's pages for many equally interesting Web demos and Java applets.


Visualization of planar dualities, an interactive program for the SGI Iris. You can see the dual of a circle.

The program comes with a 60 page user manual.

By J.J. Verkuil, Utrect University.
Get idualbin1.1.tar.gz from the ftp site at Utrecht.


Visualization of planar dualities (aka fun with homogeneous coordinates), a package for the SGI Iris.

By Bob Lewis, Unversity of British Columbia.

You can find the SGI executable, and a two-page introduction, in the Web page.

Visualization of the Dobkin-Kirkpatrick hierarchy

A Geomview module that generates a random three-dimensional polytope (using Qhull), and then decomposes it. See the Web page for more info and the code.

Visibility graph display

An X-Windows program to interactively enter a simple polygon and display its visibility graph. The graph is calculated using the code by Joe O'Rourke from ``Computational Geometry in C''.

By Heather Alef, under the supervision of Ileana Streinu.

You can get this program through its Web page .


A prototype system for geometric visualization over the Web. There are nice interactive visualizations of planar convex hull, Voronoi diagrams, and beta-skeletons of point sets. Take a look at the homepage here.

By James E. Baker, Isabel F. Cruz, Giuseppe Liotta and Roberto Tamassia, at Brown.

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