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Algorithm animation system. Distributed as part of Modula-3.

Marc Brown and John Hershberger, DEC SRC.
Their Web site has more information on ZEUS.


A C library for animating geometric algorithms, interacively or for videos. Functions to create, display and control geometric objects from application programs, and user interface tools. Uses Iris Inventor. The distribution includes a 50 page manual.

By Ayellet Tal, then at Princeton, now at the Weizmann Institute.
Get the code and documentation by ftp.


An X-based visualization system. Currently has a 2-D display, GeomSheet, based on X-fig, which allows mouse input. Includes a library based on LEDA. Runs under SunOS.4.0.3.

By D.T. Lee, Chin-Fang Shen, Dennis S. Shen, Brian Enke, Laurent Lin, Jason Rizos, Kiyoko Aoki, Chris Kush, Dave Fisher, Gary I. Chang, Theodore Tabe, Hao-Ming Chang, Ta-chun Shen, June C. Chang, all at Northewestern University.

See the Web page for more information.


The Geometry Center's own popular interactive viewer for three and higher dimensional geometry.

We have lots more information available, which will lead you to the ftp address.

By Stuart Levy, Tamara Munzner, Mark Phillips and others, The Geometry Center.

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