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Tetris Java Applet

The Java applet below runs a Tetris game that has been modified to play the same pieces over and over. This game must end (in a loss) before 70,000 pieces have been played. The current high score is 400. How many pieces can you place?

This site includes a brief explanation of why you are destined to lose this game, a link to a PostScript preprint of the author's research paper on the subject, a list of high scores, and, of course, the applet below.

To begin playing, press the P key while the mouse is over the applet.

To play this game, you need a Java-compatible browser.


Applet by: Heidi Burgiel
This applet is based on a Tetris applet written by Nathan Williams of MIT. The procedure which records high scores was, for the most part, written by Herky Gottfried and Shikha Ghosh Gottfried. Thanks also to Daeron Meyer and Adam Rosien for their patience and help in getting it all running.

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