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Penrose by Quasitiler by Eugenio Durand

This figure shows a Penrose tiling obtained by projecting a slice of a regular lattice in 5-space onto 3-space, and the one-skeleton of a five-cube projected onto 3-space (evoking the complementary dimensions). The tiling was generated using QuasiTiler, a program whose interesting history exemplifies the advantages of the Center's mode of operation. The program was written by graduate student programmer Eugenio Durand for sabbatical visitor Marjorie Senechal of Smith College, who was writing a book on quasicrystals. Postdocs Paul Burchard and Leonidas Palios advised Durand. Together with apprentice Daeron Meyer, Burchard and Durand adapted the program for the World-Wide Web, where it became widely known. (See also Quasitiler.)

How to make it: Geomview and its module NDview were used for the three dimensional composition. RenderMan was used to texture-map the tiling onto the ground plane and to render the whole.

Image created: May, 1994

[Penrose by Quasitiler]

Copyright © May, 1994 by The Geometry Center, Univerity of Minnesota. All rights reserved.
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