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Special Topics:Summer Institute:1992

Penumbral Shadows by Adrian Mariano and Linus Upson

Mariano and Upson, undergraduates in the 1992 Geometry Center Summer Institute, produced a video that was accepted for the 1994 ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry video review. This frame illustrates their original observation that the shadows cast by a polygonal light source shining on a single polygon in a three-dimensional scene are the projections of four-dimensional polytopes. They used a direct simulation of the illumination process for the very complex light intensity distribution. This project is interesting both as an example of undergraduate research fostered by the unique Geometry Center environment, and as perhaps the first example of a research result communicated primarily by video rather than text. Their report is included in the Summer Institute 1992 reports.

Image created: summer, 1992

[Penumbral Shadows]

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