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Special Topics:Complex Analysis

Weierstrass P-function by Sang H. Chin

This shows the image of the Weiestrass P-function using CRSolver. CRSolver lets users draw a boundary on the complex plane and shows the image of an analytic map from the 2x2 square centered on the origin, to the region defined by the boundary. CRSolver was first developed by Paul Burchard, then he and Sang Chin implemented an improved algorithm which allowed it to handle boundaries with negative turning numbers.

How to make it: Using CRSolver, find a conformal map from the domain square which approximates 1/z^2 by drawing a boundary curve with index -2. Then choose the doubly periodic boundary condition, which has the effect of identifying the opposite sides of the square.

Image created: summer, 1993

[Weierstrass P-function]

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