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General Interest:Higher Dimensional Objects

These pictures are views of objects that require four or more dimensions for their definition or realization. Generally, these images are of slices or projections of such objects. It is instructive to consider how we can view three-dimensional objects u sing only two dimensions. We could "slice" an object (like a salami going through a meat slicer) and investigate the two-dimensional slices separately, or we would "project" the object onto two-dimensions like a shadow; this "squashes" the object down i nto two dimension, and general involves self-intersection or overlapping, just as a beachball overlaps itself when it is deflated and squashed down flat.


1. [4-d Map II] 2. [4-d Map] 3. [Penrose by Quasitiler] 4. [Penumbral Shadows]

  1. 4-d Map II
  2. 4-d Map
  3. Penrose by Quasitiler
  4. Penumbral Shadows
1. [Wild Complex Function]
  1. Wild Complex Function

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