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DodecaFoam! First Stellation by Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Daniel Krech

The recipe for filling a large dodecahedron with small dodecas involves examing the three stellations of the dodecahedron. Here, the first stellation of the dodecahedron is filled with tiny dodecas. This symmetry is closely related to that of the three-dimensional Penrose tiles, and generalizes to dimension 4 (but no higher).

How to make it: Mathematica wrote the production rules, a program by Dan Krech iterated the rules, GeomView set up the pictures and RenderMan rendered the final result.

Image created: June 1995

[DodecaFoam!  First Stellation]

Copyright © June 1995 by The Geometry Center, Univerity of Minnesota. All rights reserved.
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