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The Henon map is given by H(x,y) = (x^2-ay+c,x), where a and b are arbitrary parameters. For a = 0, the map reduces to the one-dimensional logistic equation. The Henon map is invertible (it has a well-defined inverse). Under iterations of the Henon map, a point may go to infinity, or it may stay bounded, and similarly for iterations of the inverse map. The images here indicate points that are bounded under iterations of both the Henon map and its inverse.

These images were created as part of the Summer Institute1993 by Brian Meloon.


1. [Henon Chains] 2. [Henon Cometogether] 3. [Henon Crucified] 4. [Henon Curious]

  1. Henon Chains
  2. Henon Cometogether
  3. Henon Crucified
  4. Henon Curious
1. [Henon Happy] 2. [Henon Interesting] 3. [Henon Isthmus] 4. [Henon Jaws]
  1. Henon Happy
  2. Henon Interesting
  3. Henon Isthmus
  4. Henon Jaws
1. [Henon Map (Main)] 2. [Henon Mixing] 3. [Henon Overlap] 4. [Henon Ring]
  1. Henon Map (Main)
  2. Henon Mixing
  3. Henon Overlap
  4. Henon Ring
1. [Henon Stadium] 2. [Henon Strange]
  1. Henon Stadium
  2. Henon Strange

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