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Educational Programs:

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Current Educational Programs:

The University of Minnesota Calculus Initiative
The Geometry Center is assisting in the development of interactive technology-based modules for the engineering calculus sequence. These modules emphasize geometric concepts of calculus while examining applications of mathematics to the physical and life sciences.

Summer Institute
Every summer, the Geometry Center holds a summer institute for undergraduates and a summer course for teachers. In the past, the students have worked on individual and group research efforts in connection with projects of the Center; the teachers have developed course materials in support of Center educational software.

University of Minnesota Talented Youth Program
The UMTYMP program is an accelerated program for advanced high school students. The Geometry Center has taught a laboratory-based multi-variable calculus course as part of this sequence. Some of the student's final group projects are presented here.

See also the list of educational materials available from the Center.

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