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Educational Materials:

ScienceU is a site devoted to the exploration of math and science. There are interactive axhibits, articles, classroom materials about symmetries, tilings, platonic solids, the solar system, the night sky, and much more.

The University of Minnesota Calculus Initiative
The Geometry Center is assisting in the development of interactive technology-based modules for the engineering calculus sequence. These modules emphasize geometric concepts of calculus while examining applications of mathematics to the physical and life sciences.

Technology in the Geometry Classroom
These course materials are for a class that introduces pre- and in-service high-school geometry teachers to the use of techology in their classrooms. Participants experience the use of software tools, videos, and WWW-based lessons themselves while studying modern and classical geometry problems. Course projects help them to learn techniques and develop examples that can be incorporated into their own classes. The materials are divided into four self-contained parts: Internet Skills, Classical Geometry, Dynamical Systems, and Symmetries and Patterns.

Communicating Math with Hypertext
Communicating Math with Hypertext was a short course held at the Geometry Center in June, 1996. The materials developed for the course remain online, and include lecture notes, examples, links to sources of relevant software, and other useful information. Topics include good hypertext document design, web site management including copyright issues, image processing, animation, methods of including mathematical notation in web pages, CGI scripts and Java tools.

A Teacher's Guide to Building the Icosahedron as a Class Project
by Frederick J. Wicklin.
This illustrated guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct a twenty-sided geometric figure, the icosahedron, using commonly available art supplies. This project is designed for middle-school and high-school students, and is based on the design used for the "World's Largest Icosahedron" constructed at the Geometry Center by 6-8th grade students during the summer of 1994.

Geometry and the Imagination
by John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman, and Bill Thurston.
Notes and handouts for an innovative geometry course developed at Princeton and the Geometry Center.

The CHANCE database
by the CHANCE consortium (Middlebury, Grinnell, Spelman, UCSD, Dartmouth, U. Minnesota).
CHANCE is a new introductory course in probability and statistics based upon current chance events as reported in the daily newspapers.

The Work of Students at the Center
The links listed here illustrate some of the projects developed by students taking courses at the Geometry Center.

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