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The satellites are represented by small boxes. In SaVi, satellite orbit parameters can be dynamically changed at any time during the orbit simulation.

The above constellation is a low Earth orbit constellation of 30 satellites designed by Jackson and Christopher [JC]. It is intended to provide high satellite elevation angles in the Northern temperate zone (latitudes from Miami to Thule) for millimeter wave communication. The orbits are elliptical and have a 350 km perigee.

If your web browser plays animated GIF images, you will see the results of a SaVi simulation at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can view it in an mpeg movie (630Kb). We have also generated SaVi simulations for several commercial constellations.

Note: For the purposes of the animation, the apparent rotation rate of the satellites' orbits relative to the Earth is approximately 2/3 of its actual value.

[JC] A. H. Jackson and P. Christopher. "A LEO Concept for Millimeter Wave Satellite Communication", Proc. IMSC 1995, Ottawa, pp. 185-192.

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