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Software for the visualization and analysis of satellite constellations

mm satellite constellation cones of influence

SaVi is software created at the Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota for the visualization and analysis of satellite constellations. It has a graphical user interface which includes the following features:

We have generated SaVi simulations for several commercial constellations (Globalstar, Iridium, Teledesic). Images from SaVi have appeared in various national media.

[NEW] You can now view and manipulate satellite constellations using The Geometry Center's JGV 3-D visualization Java applet.


Dr. Robert Thurman is a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics, Pacific Lutheran University.

Dr. Patrick Worfolk is the Manager of Algorithm Development at Caly Networks.

Further information

SaVi only runs in a Unix/X11 environment (including Linux on a PC). SaVi does not run under Windows. SaVi is freely available and can be downloaded now.
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