Bob Thurman's Papers

Highlighted papers are available as postscript files.
Maximal capacity, Robin capacity, and minimum energy,
Indiana Math. J., to appear.
The geometry of halo orbits in the circular restricted three-body problem,
with P. Worfolk. Geometry Center Research Report GCG95, University of Minnesota, 1996.
Physical interpretation and further properties of Robin capacity,
with P. Duren and J. Pfaltzgraff, Algebra i Analiz (=St. Petersburg Math. J.), to appear.
Bridged extremal distance and maximal capacity,
Pacific J. Math., 176 (2), 507-528, 1996.
Upper bound for distortion of capacity under conformal mapping,
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 346 (2), 605-616, 1994.