What is Geometry? - It depends.

My area of interest in Geometry is

Polyhedra construction.

I was involved in a project for Math 5337 at the Geometry Center during the summer of 1996.

We teach foreign languages.

Richard teaches Mathematics

My wife, Ilse, teaches German and Latin.

Moravian Star (above) has a 3 foot diameter.

Polyhedra Galore!!!

On my way to give a workshop on polyhedra.

Polyhedra of all sizes and shapes in the front seat, back seats, trunk, and even in the glove compartment.

For pictures of more polyhedra then could ever fit in any car, see V. Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection.

If that is not enough, then try Roman Maeder's Uniform Polyhedra

or this set: George W. Hart's Polyhedra.

For beautiful paper models, see Ulrich Mikloweit's Polyhedra Models.

To construct your own models, use Robert Webb's program.

For a nice set of polyhedra made out of acrylic (real, not pixels), see Henry Casey's Polyhedra Model Collection.

I met Fr. Magnus Wenninger, the polyhedra builder at the Geometry Center on July 19, 1996. I have used his books for years to build polyhedra.


Just about 2 miles outside of my hometown of Alliance, Nebraska is the site of CARHENGE. Here is a taste of this place:

I helped put in this '62 Cadillac as the keystone (on right).

Richard D. Stratton

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